Friday, 30 November 2012

30 Days Food Plan For Weight Loss

Food plan diet for loss of weight,before you start your 30 days food plan diet for loss of weight. make sure you know your blood pressure,body mass index of you weight loss pounds calories,kidney function test,liver function testosterone,and lastly your body weight.

   In effect of your 30 days food plan diet process, their are some things to ignore in your 30 days diet plan process such as cow milk,packages fruits,sugar free such as ice cream white flower foods,cake and bread,but make sure eat food like wheat bread in the 30 days weight loss process. in session of your 30 days weight loss diet plan,try and apply 100% natural species to your food intake,and eat natural foods which is recommended by the physician don't take what you really love to eat back in the days because it will damage your 30 days plan diet loss of weight. please to to eliminate caffeine,butter and again you must stop the habit of smoking and alcohol drinking.   
                                        Guides In 30 Days Weight Loss Food Diet Plan    
(1)  Eat Only Fresh Food: You must ignore to be eating early in the morning during you 30 day weight loss plan,you can even rather take it to work or officer,shop or school. every morning please try and take 1 liter of water every day because it will clear all undigested system in your body. Apply fresh food to your food time tables by eating raw vegetables salad for your launch and dinner,make sure you have one raw cook meals daily during the 30 day food diet plan for weight loss then have the habit of eating by 1 noon every day during the process of food diet plan everyday.

(2) Exercise Daily : In your 30 days diet food plan of weight loss have in mind of doing exercise like 30 min to 1 hour daily.

(3) Make Your Body At Rest: During the 30 days food diet plan of weight loss have it in mind of sleeping like 6 to 8 hours daily in the 30 days weight loss process.then stop the habit of hanging around with friends and family to any fast food in your local area,stop keeping malice and having grudges with anybody because if you all this in mind your blood pressure chlotestrone will not be at rest.

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